Özgür Bay + Youn Caro

Nous avons l’honneur de recevoir ÖZGÜR BAY !
Pour sa Première en France, on compte sur vous pour lui faire un hommage à sa hauteur ! Grand DJ en Turquie et dans toute la Bulgarie, ÖZGÜR parcourt également la scène allemande : il ne manquait plus que notre cher PARIS !
Nous recevrons également YOUN CARO : pour les pointus de la zik électro, vous aurez ce soir 2 DJ d’exception !!


YOUN CARO /// (Paris) ========> 20H30 – 22H30

ÖZGÜR BAY /// (Istanbul) : =====> 22H30 – 2H00

(Dj Ozgur Bay, 40 years old from Istanbul, has been passionately mixing and creating music since the end of the 90’ies. He has started playing at Suleyman Nazif Bar, a hot mecca of the era. Through out the 2000’s he has been backed up by Hip Productions and with the support of Ates Tezer. He started his electronic music career; mixing house and tech house sounds. He has been the resident dj of Switch, Club Crystal, 11:11, The Hall, Lux , Kasette,Kloster and Indigo Istanbul hosting deep & tech house nights since then. He has played with house music icons such as Kevin Yost, Phonique,Martin Dawson, Darren Roach, Jim Masters, Paul Richards, Claude Monnet,Britta Arnold, Maysam Shawnecy, Dario D’Attis and Nico Stojan. He is known with his flawless style, spontaneity while mixing and getting inspired from the crowd’s energy and feel. He also plays annually overseas in different cities such as Sofia, Amsterdam and Berlin. Özgür Bay took part playing at Berlin’s legendary club KaterBlau’s (ex Bar25) wildest nights. At the moment he hosts club nights through different venues in Istanbul with Matinee Istanbul)