Adriano Trindade

Adriano Trindade, brazilian jazz musician, will be in the first time for to play in Les Disquaires.
The musician that most played out country, 2015, 2016 and 2017, in the total 45 countryes, Trindade have 5 cds in the career and 2 dvds.
Is a good momment for check this bossa jazz concert, becouse Adriano Trindade after tour around world just get Paris for to live, like home sweet home, this concert open the France Tour.
Trindade normaly many jazz famous places and festivals around world, like Jazz Dock (Prague), Ronnie Scott (London), Reduta Jazz (Prague) North Sea Jazz (Amsterdam), La Plantation Jazz (Beijing),Munich Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival,Praha Jazz Festival, for example.
Les Disquaires is perfect place for this concert.
We wait for u.

Adriano Trindade – Guitar and Voice
Rubens Santana – Bass
Edmundo Carneiro- Drums